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BOO 10-02-12 18:05
Can you guess who this is? Or would you care? Just checking in on my kids.
Twin Peaks Moment 11-04-06 22:05
I awoke to my cell beeping a text msg which turned out to be from my seeeester who is in Vegas with her Hub trying to resist the wiles of the Timeshare pirahnas...

(spoiler: they did... and just took the trip for free!)

Any hoo. I hear my beeeeep... so I get outta bed (she needs to learn that Saturdays are meant for sleeping in!) and her message says : "remind me to tell you about my twin peaks moment in vegas"

Hell. Who could go back to bed with that?

So I immediately return with:
"midgets talking backwards? or did you run into "BOB"

She replied:
"two midgets and a big fat woman dressed like Gene Simmons"

My response:
"sweet, don't you love vegas? Oh, they're not still in the room with you are they?"

She replied:

So I talked her into seeing Mamma Mia and she said her husband said he would go if she went to the strip club with him... I said it was a worthy painless sacrifice.

Also told her that the strippers actually dig women coming in because they pretty much know the men are pigs and they all end up chatting with you since they know you have no interest in groping them. Also, you will have to share their bathroom so don't freak.

She is not a girl I would peg for stepping foot in a strip joint but hey, it's not gonna kill her and in return she will get to hear some great ABBA.

ABBA is worth standing on your head...

You all should go watch/buy/rent Muriel's Wedding. I think it shall be the movie I watch tomorrow because I need a ABBA fix. Rachel Griffiths is great in it too... as is Toni Collette.

PS- I bought Nacho Libre, and well. It rocks and I heart Jack Black (ha! I almost wrote White, which would be true as well... I love Jack Black and Jack White.
Sneakerville 11-03-06 18:51
1. Send Hub for Pizza
2. Do something sneaky like hop on elowel!
3. Get all verklempt over the joy of the return! Thanks guys, or hell- Thank Max, and the kind, pleasant and all around enjoyable personality that he emits.

Still a tad verklempt!

So... discuss amoungst yourselves... I will give you a subject, like OMG!
Neil Patrick Harris just confirmed he is GAY! And screw Isiah Washington... what a dick. I guess he has never had an ounce of discrimination in his lifetime. Bastard.

Back to NPH- this news now make his scenes in Harold & Kumar all the MORE hilarious! Gosh, Doogie rocks - and then there is the classic Star Troopers, you can't help but LOVE NPH in that.

I do. I guess Lance Bass started a 'trend'. It's now COOL to be gay in the 'Wood. Or at least admit it.


PS- Where is FRAZ??? Where is Jessyka??? Where is Maryssa? Where is Shasage? I want to hear from everyone.
Max's Hostility 11-03-06 07:26
What is the deal with your anger.

Do you need intervention?

Gosh golly.

I guess "thank yous" are in order but I am far too afraid to suffer from the wrath of what they may bring....

...looks around for nice people....
I won't be homeless..... 02-18-06 00:30
I answered your questions on the last post.

Cuz I won't be homeless.

But I will be grandpaless.
He had a stroke, and my Mom had been ringing him for like 2-3 hours straight with no answer so she finally called his neighbors who found him unconcious. The ambulance took him to the hospital and he is hooked up but he essentially is gone. The doc said to call the family so we could say goodbye and my Mom said WHY?
Why would I make them come and see him when both you and I know he is already gone? The doc was sort of dumbfounded but really now- my grandpa cannot hear me. I believe he is brain dead and me driving to Reno to speak to a dead man, is pointless when I can talk to him from my kitchen.

It's breaking my heart. I am such a hider. I can hide it all away and no one will ever know my pain. Then one day my dam will break and I will go postal.

I know this. Probably when I lose my parents. Thats when I really check in to the facility.
News of the Week 02-15-06 19:48
We are selling our house to pay off all of our bills.

It sucks but it doesn't.
OH, fun ahead... 01-29-06 12:48
vegas: march 15,16,17 & 18

trip boasts both march madness, and st.patty's day. should be packed.

and I will be
Sup? 01-29-06 12:34
Appt. with Psych on Monday (all day) and visit with nuerologist Wednesday. We're getting closer.

Psych is from 9-4, stupid because his psych needs they need to pay for, therefore need to establish as true are caused by the injury to the spine and how it swells his head and such= more of a pain issue. Whatever, so he has to visit with Dr. Head to more or less confirm that work never brow beat him, and that his head dr. visits are more or less a comorbidity. Waste of a day and that guys' time.

Nuerologist is MOST needed.

God, I can't wait for this to be over.

Jan has been busy. MLK weekend we rented a house at Serene Lakes (lot of snow/Donner Summit) and then the next weekend we found ourselves in Tahoe because his Mom slipped, fractured a femur and broke a hip. She's pretty young for that kind of crap and well, we had to go see her etc.

I am finally folding a million loads of laundry and we are selling our house.

See, lots of stuff going on. I hate my work for blocking my elowel. It sucks but I am busier than hell so it makes no difference.

Someday soon I shall be free of this crap!
Depositions 01-07-06 19:50
When you have a depo, they transcribe what you say and send it to you after in a big book. We had two, so we have VOL 1 & VOL 2 of the life and times of Gripewater's Husband, his medical, family and current life history as told by the Defense.

I read vol. 1 and it was the current record of us from 98 till now. No biggie, I know it, and I live it.

I read vol. 2 today and bawled my eyes out. It covered some childhood to 98ish. I read about some childhood tales I have never heard before. I have known him for 15 years. He's alluded to his Dad's girlfriend being abusive, and a drunk. But he never told me she tried to kill him with a long kitchen knife. Ended up stabbing his mattress and shredding the curtains in his room- he was too quick for her.

He was 10.

I am quite fucking horrified.

Somehow I am going to find out her name and I am going to track her sorry ass down. I will not be satisfied until I see her cemetary marker.

That bitch has some questions my fist needs answers to....
Well it does for me. For those who throw me bones via hatelife- you'll never know how nice it feels to still be able to talk and bs with you.

Can I get a brief synopsis from each of you on what you've done in the last two months?

Is Stina engage yet? Girl, shut up = you KNOW it's coming.

Well- I guess I better go check my hotmail as I always forget and I think I left me a Tart hanging.

I take that back- she always lands on her feet.

N&D- I'm thinking of adopting you both. Sound OK? We'll pave over the lawn, I promise no yard work but someone MUST cook!

OH- Workmans Comp update. Results back from one of two WC Dr. that said YES it was work's fault, YES he is 16% permanently disabled. YES continued work made it worse, YES IT IS ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT STUPID GROCERY STORE.

You may say 16% isn't squat but if it is say, a percentage that is made up entirely of your brain - and it affects your thinking then you realize you MAYBE really NEED that specific 16% to function with the rest of the human race. So, since his 16% is his neck and spine; and it controls all of his motor skills well then that is a bigger deal than just a mere 16% if that was compared to a foot or ear. Letter also stated that OF COURSE he definitely cannot do THAT job anymore and SURE, you can go ahead and retrain him: but find him a job that requires no lifting, no standing or sitting for extended periods and no neck strain or repetitive arm use.


It's like a riddle.

They will try to answer it but in my mind, the answer is: THERE ISN'T A JOB THAT FITS THAT DESCRIPTION.

Unless any of you kids can think of anything? Hub and I always try and think of something he could do and are at a loss but maybe we aren't thinking wider?

At this point I am sure my husband wouldn't mind doing something as long as it wasn't self demeaning and it doesn't cause MORE pain. He hates that his mind is rotting. I hate it too.

I was thinking maybe he could tutor kids with math or something. But I think you need a teaching degree or certificate? If he can't do that my next suggestion to him is finish school (just for the heckuvit)get a business degree and use voice operated software for his computer needs. If they can help with special needs and accessing campus or allow for days missed for pain- etc. WC does sometimes allow up to 1 year and 16,000 for certain retraining. Maybe he could become something that just requires talking; and use of a headphone, from home - resting when he can? But something that is rewarding to him, and not say - phone sex or bill collection.

Anyhow, I just saw a note from one of the miners written before he died and it makes me wanna cut my own throat it's so awful. Fucking Horrid. Those poor miners, poor families... Can you imagine writing your own note? Not a stupid ass suicide letter from some loser who kills themself to make the rest of their family suffer more than they could ever know- but a letter knowing you are dying there and now- in mere moments. Makes me wanna call my Momma, and I think I might. She'll know I was watching Headline News again and I will get in trouble. I am not allowed to watch Headline News, as it usually makes me sob hysterically.
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